Holiday from hell? Flight delayed? Claim compensation while you can!

15th September 2016

The holiday season is well underway and with the British weather as unpredictable as ever many of us are flocking overseas to seek out that all important summer sun. When things don’t go to plan, and our flight providers get it wrong resulting in delayed and cancelled flights, the EU provides that compensation should be made available to… Read More

Life as a Trainee Solicitor at Rohans...

12th September 2016

I joined Rohan Solicitors in October 2014 having worked in a Guildford based firm for 8 months following the completion of my Legal Practice Course. Initially I worked as a paralegal spending most of my time on commercial and residential property matters. I spent 20 months in total in this role during which time I was involved in a reasonable amount of… Read More

Brexit...What next

6th July 2016

With Britain voting to leave the European Union, we look at what’s next and how long it will take. This is no short-term relationship where you can un-follow, delete and move on from the EU. There is a formal legal process called Article 50 - but it's never been used and when it was created nobody thought anyone would… Read More

Brexit... its not all doom and gloom

6th July 2016

On the back of Brexit; we take a look at some of the more unusual EU laws which we might be better off without: Bananas should not be too bendy... In 1995, the EU issued guidelines for the growing of bananas and cucumbers. This regulation required that bananas of the highest quality classification could not have abnormal curvature and led to… Read More

Bank holidays and employment rights

28th April 2016

With the spring and summer bank holidays approaching we set out a simple guide to employee’s rights in relation to bank holidays. Right to time off? Employees have no statutory right to take bank holidays off work. Their employment contract may grant them such a right, but there is no statutory entitlement to it. In industries such as… Read More

Company Law Update – The register of people with significant control - Summary guide for companies

7th April 2016

From today (6 April 2016), the Small Business Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 brings into force changes to the registration requirements with Companies House for all UK incorporated companies (whether limited and unlimited) as well as LLPs Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs). Companies and LLPs are now required to keep a register of people who have significant control of the Company (PSC). It should… Read More

Do you offer your employees a salary-related pension scheme?

5th April 2016

From the 6 April 2016, the current state pension system will change. The current system will continue to apply to those who are already of state pension age. The changes will affect those who reach pension age on or after 6 April 2016, therefore this will affect you personally if you are: a woman born on or after 6 April 1953 a man born on or… Read More

The New National Living Wage

24th March 2016

From 1 April 2016, a new National Living wage of £7.20 per hour will be introduced.  This new compulsory wage will apply to all employees, most workers, and apprentices aged 25 years and over.  This will be the largest annual increase in a minimum wage rate since 2009 in cash and real terms. The National Minimum Wage continues to apply for those… Read More

Improving access to justice..

15th March 2016

...despite soaring court fees    Just a year ago, and following a review of court costs by the Ministry of Justice, we saw huge increases in fees for issuing court proceedings in the County Court and High Court. A year into the new regime and top UK judges and litigators alike roundly condemn the spectacular increases and some describe them… Read More

Stamp Duty Land Tax - New rules effective 1st April 2016

9th March 2016

Don't get caught out by the change in SDLT rules that are about to come in. Recent years have seen a significant increase in the purchase of property by individuals in order to rent out as a means of maximising income on savings in the current climate of low interest rates and returns on savings. A number of private landlords… Read More