Life as a Trainee Solicitor at Rohans...

12th September 2016

I joined Rohan Solicitors in October 2014 having worked in a Guildford based firm for 8 months following the completion of my Legal Practice Course.

Initially I worked as a paralegal spending most of my time on commercial and residential property matters. I spent 20 months in total in this role during which time I was involved in a reasonable amount of 'on the job' training. As a result of my work in this role I was offered a training contract which began in June this year.

Normally, a training contact will last 2 years, but I have been lucky enough to be able to use some of my time as a paralegal as ‘time to count’ allowing my training contract to be reduced to 18 months.

I am currently in my first seat as a trainee working in the litigation department. As a trainee I get to sit in on client meetings, draft statements of case, and attend hearings. There is a high level of client contact and I get to be really involved with the files which increases my understanding and learning. Seeing a file progress from the initial client meeting to issuing proceedings for the client and prepare for a potential trial is very rewarding; and I much prefer this approach rather than being given small bits of work to do on lots of files!

There does have to be a level of flexibility as a trainee, as you are often asked to assist in other departments but I enjoy this element of the work as each day is so different and varied! It is also a good learning exercise in terms of prioritising your work.

Once I finish my litigation seat I will then move around the firm and do a seat in another area of law. As there are a number of specialisms which we cover there is a lot of choice as to what I do next!