Oh Christmas Tree oh Christmas Tree…

15th December 2015

The annual Christmas Tree Festival at Holy Trinity Church in Cuckfield included a “Rohan” tree this year. What was the theme?

Christmas is a very special time of year and this year we were pleased to be able to join in the wonderful fundraising event that is the Christmas Tree Festival at Holy Trinity Church in Cuckfield. Did you get to the festival and see our tree? It was called: “The law can be a tough nut to crack so come and see a friendly face at Rohan Solicitors.” The tree was decorated with a selection of festive nuts and photos of our friendly team.

The festival ran from December 11th for three days, and was a tree-mendous success! This year’s partner charity was Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice, funds raised from the Festival exceeded £6,000, which will be presented to the charity by the church later in January.

If you didn’t get to see us this year we are expecting to be involved again in the 2016 festival so hopefully you may be able to get to that. Dates and details will appear (closer to December) on the festival website at www.cuckfieldctf.org.uk