12th-18th September 2016 – “Remember a Charity in your Will” Week

13th September 2016

This is a national campaign to encourage people to make a will leaving a legacy to their favourite charity.  This can be a fixed sum of money, or a share of your estate – as they say, every little helps!

So as part of our contribution to the campaign, we are offering a 10% discount off our usual will-drafting fees to all clients who make an appointment this month to make a new will or amend their existing will and who mention reading this article. 

Of course, your charitable legacies do not have to be confined to this week, and it does not have to involve you in great expense to have a Will made for you, by a trustworthy, qualified solicitor.

Here at Rohan Solicitors we are also a proud member of the Cancer Research UK Free Will Scheme, which offers the over 55s an opportunity to have a Will prepared AT NO COST TO THEM. This may sound too good to be true – but it isn’t!

For more information please contact our Private Client Solicitor, Sue Brakell.