Employment Law Pricing

Employment Law Pricing

Employment Tribunal Costs – Wrongful or Unfair Dismissal

We have set out guidance below as to the likely costs involved in bringing or contesting claims related to wrongful or unfair dismissal before the employment tribunal.

As these types of claim are variable and often complex, we will not usually be able to commit to fixed fees. We charge on a time-spent basis. Our hourly rate will depend on the seniority of the member of staff carrying out the work. Our solicitors’ hourly rates start at £200 per hour plus VAT at 20%.

The amount of time spent working on a claim depends on a wide range of factors, including:

  • The overall complexity of the claim including number of witnesses and the amount of documentation involved;
  • Whether we are required to respond to ancillary applications such as a request to amend a claim or add parties;
  • Whether the any of the other parties are litigants in person;
  • Whether other related claims are involved such as discrimination; and
  • The number and duration of hearings.

Our Estimated Charges:

  • Simple Case: £8,000 plus VAT at 20% to £10,000 plus VAT at 20%
  • Medium Complexity Case: £10,000 plus VAT at 20% to £15,000 plus VAT at 20%
  • High Complexity Case: £15,000 plus VAT at 20% to £25,000 plus VAT at 20%

These ranges are set out based on our experience of cases we have acted on in the past and may not apply to all cases. We will provide a full case-specific estimate once we have taken initial instructions.

All our charges are subject to VAT at 20%.

What’s Included in Our Fees:

Our fees cover all stages of the claim, from initial instructions to preparing for the final hearing. This includes case strategy, early conciliation, document preparation, witness statements, and liaising with Counsel, where appropriate.

What’s Not Included:

Our fees do not cover handling appeals, preparing costs applications, enforcing tribunal awards, expert witness fees or the costs of representation at hearings whether carried out by our solicitors or Counsel.


Disbursements, such as Counsel fees and expert witness costs, are payable in addition to our estimates. VAT is added to these disbursements where applicable, at 20%. We manage these payments on your behalf, typically requiring a payment on account.


The timeframe for resolution varies, with settlements during pre-claim conciliation taking less than 6 weeks, while cases proceeding to a final hearing may take over a year. The actual timeline depends on factors beyond our control, and we provide a more accurate estimate as the matter progresses.

For claims involving issues other than unfair or wrongful dismissal, such as discrimination or whistleblowing, we provide appropriate estimates based on further details provided.

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