When the spotlight falls on you, we make it our business to ensure you remain centre stage

Entertainment, media and sport are an everyday part of life these days and the law relating to these industries is rapidly developing. For those involved as participants, employers and employees, access to up to date advice and expertise is essential.

We have a wealth of experience in these areas representing businesses, brands and talent across a broad cross-section of industries ranging from ballet to the global games industry.

The immense value of intellectual property rights involved in these industries is something we completely understand, thus we are well placed to protect and promote your rights in a commercial environment.

We offer practical, focused and expert advice to:

  • Performers
  • Authors
  • Actors
  • Sports people
  • Developers
  • Musicians
  • All companies and businesses who work with such talent

If you are a business, or have a talent in demand, please contact us to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.