Our fees cover all of the work required to complete the purchase of your new home, including the following:-

  1. Redemption of the old mortgage
  2. Drawdown of funds on your new mortgage
  3. Registration at the Land Registry

These fees are applicable for any residential purchase up to the value of £1,000,000.00. Should your purchase be above this, please contact us for a full quote.

Fees & Disbursements

Our legal fees: £450.00 + VAT to £650.00 + VAT

Bank telegraphic transfer fee: £30.00 + VAT per bank transfer

Priority search: £3.00 + VAT

Bankruptcy search: £2.00 + VAT per name searched

Local Search and other associated searches: £300.00 (approx.)

Kindly note that some lenders may accept ‘No Search Indemnity Insurance’. The cost of this is based on the value of the Property and we can discuss this with you once we know whether the Lender accepts the same.

Stamp Duty Land Tax: Stamp Duty Land Tax is not payable unless there is a need to transfer the legal title of your Property as part of the remortgage transaction.

Land Registry registration fee: see http://landregistry.data.gov.uk/fees-calculator.html

Kindly note that VAT is currently payable at 20%

Leasehold Properties & Managed Freehold Properties

Should you be remortgaging a leasehold property, or a freehold property with a management company, there are additional disbursements which may be applicable. These fees vary from property and are determined by the landlord or management company. We would not be able to confirm the exact costs until appropriate documentation has been received from the landlord/management company. However, the fees payable usually are:-

Notice of Charge Fee: A This is set out in the lease/transfer. Often the fee is between £50.00 - £100.00

Certificate of Compliance Fee: This fee is payable to the landlord or management company for them to provide the appropriate Land Registry certificate to allow the registration of the new lender. This fee can again be anything from £150.00 - £300.00.