Not all firms offer the same level of service. At Rohan Solicitors we will give your sale the care and attention it needs to ensure that it is completed as smoothly and quickly as possible, providing you with peace of mind every step of the way. We offer a clear pricing structure with no hidden charges, covering all of the work required to complete the sale of your home, including the following: 

  1. Dealing with the Land Registry;
  2. Redeeming any mortgages or charges registered against the Property

Fees & Disbursements

Our legal fees: 

Property Prices up to £ 1,000,000:

Freehold:      £ 1,250.00 (+ VAT) to £ 1.750.00 (+ VAT)

Leasehold:    £ 1,750.00 (+ VAT to £ 2,250.00 (+ VAT) 

Property Prices over £ 1,000.000:

Prices Upon Application

 Shared Ownership:  Normal sale rate at full value plus £500.00.

Bank telegraphic transfer fee:  

£30.00 + VAT per CHAPS

£10.00 + VAT per Faster Payment

Office copy entries: £3.75 + VAT per copy document required

Electronic AML Check: £6.00 + VAT per name searched

Lawyer Checker: £15.00 + VAT

Kindly note that VAT is currently payable at 20%

The Sale Process

 In brief, the sale process unfolds as follows: 

  1. Once we have received the sales memo from the Estate Agent we issue our client care letter to you and forward to you forms for completion relating to the property which are to be submitted with the draft contract to the purchaser’s solicitors.
  2. On return of these papers and on receipt of confirmation of instructions by the purchaser’s solicitors we issue a draft contract and supporting documentation.
  3. We liaise with you to answer any enquiries raised by the purchaser’s solicitors.
  4. Once the contract is approved by the purchaser’s solicitors and you are happy to proceed we will get you to sign the contract.
  5. We will then proceed to exchange contracts at which time a deposit is payable by the purchaser (after which both sides are contractually committed to the transaction) and a completion date is set.
  6. We then obtain final accounts from your Lender and draw up our final statement of account to you.
  7. We then submit final information to the purchaser’s solicitors to enable the purchaser to complete on the nominated completion date.
  8. We obtain a Transfer Deed from the Purchaser’s solicitors and obtain execution of the same by you in advance of completion.
  9. On completion and receipt of the balance of purchase monies we will account to you for monies paid and received upon your behalf.
  10. After completion we forward the Transfer document and any original paperwork to the purchaser’s solicitors.